W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Fountain Bridge Replacement (Structural Repair)

The scope of this project was to remove and replace the decking, railing and paving system on the bridge over the fountain while leaving the beams themselves intact. To complete this work we performed the following:

  • The bridge handrails were removed to be sandblasted clean, primed and painted offsite until completion. All precast side and top panels at the railing sections along with the structural slab and pan system were demolished. Pavers were removed and stored until completion.
  • The existing galvanized beams were completely cleaned and cold galvanized followed by an epoxy topcoat system. New reinforced concrete with epoxy coating was installed as well as a series of five surface drains to allow for drainage down onto the runnel. Once the concrete slab cured a waterproofing membrane was applied as well as a drainage layer. The pavers were then reinstalled. All cast stone was replaced to match existing cast stone. The deck below the bridge was re-waterproofed upon completion of the upper deck work.
  • We removed the deteriorated sections of previously applied pond waterproofing directly below the bridge itself. This was followed with a reapplication of the waterproofing material after proper surface preparation. Joint caulking within the pond was also included as waterproofing.
Address:1 Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI 49017